Notes on the Fourth of July

I attended our Fourth of July parade this morning. IMG_3692Nothing says America like a small town July 4th parade with firetrucks and flags and police cars and tractors and the kazoo band and local pols who, for a day at least, turn down the rhetoric and toss out candy while seeking votes. I love it.

I also love this county, burrs, flaws and all. But while enjoying the parade and chatting with a few friends I grew somewhat annoyed, then angry, at us. All of us. We deserve better from those we elect to lead us. Regardless of where any of you stand politically, we deserve better. Stop pointing fingers, stop complaining and demand better. I will.IMG_3695

I believe that the vast majority of Americans are honest, welcoming, decent, fair-minded, hard-working people who care for their families, look out for others, pay their taxes, worship as they chose and do their best. We don’t deserve the snark and finger-pointing and back biting and half-truths and outright lies that seep like toxic waste from our political arenas, be it national, regional, state, county or city. We’re being poisoned by it. Demand better. We deserve better.

Snapshot: Ft. Niagara State Historic Site

Ft. Niagara was established nearly 300 years ago at the mouth of the Niagara River. France, Great Britain (twice) and the United States have claimed ownership. The 22-acre site is soaked in history. It’s worth a visit.

Schedule an extra day because the fishing on the Niagara River is fantastic. Contact Capt. Frank Campbell. Capt. Frank will put you on fish.

From USA Today

Kentucky’s New Sporting License Year Arrives with Price Hike

Kentucky’s 2018-19 sport license year begins March 1. Prices have gone up.

There has been considerable grumbling about this across the outdoor fabric of the Commonwealth. The price hike is across the board and is fairly hefty. Example: beginning today the resident combination hunt/fish license will be $42. A year ago it was $30.

Non-residents won’t generally see a boost in fees. Non-resident rates were raised in 2014. The most previous hike in resident license fees was 2007.

Details and a full rundown of the new pricing is at You can also buy your license at this site.

If you’d like to voice an opinion about the fees contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife headquarters at 1-800-858-1549. If you’d like to voice an option with someone who actually made the decision about the price hike contact your district commissioner. You’ll find their contact information at