Easy Fishing

The School of Agriculture at a university near my home harbors three ponds. They flood about an acre each. There is a fourth pond but it hasn’t held water for years and has the overgrowth to prove it.

The ponds are used to irrigate the surrounding fields, which serve as classrooms for the agriculture students. A fence surrounds the property. The gate is rarely closed.

I stop occasionally to fish. I rarely stay more than 20 or 30 minutes. It’s that kind of place. Bass and bluegill aren’t huge but they are plentiful.

The fishing is easy. And sometimes, like today, that’s just what you need.

Outdoors with Kentucky Monthly

The Erie Canal, new public lands along the Kentucky River, a state record saugeye and bluegill time: a grab bag of goodies in my May Kentucky Monthly www.kentuckymonthly.com Field Notes column. Thanks for reading http://www.kentuckymonthly.com/explore/field-notes/fishing-the-erie-canal-and-more/.

Capt. Frank Campbell www.niagaracharter.com with a Lake Ontario smallmouth from near the mouth of the Niagara River.


I received my COVID-19 vaccination today. It was the J&J one-and-done dose. No sore arm. No side affects. I encourage everyone – everyone – to be vaccinated as soon as possible. It’s safe. It’s effective. It protects you. More importantly it protects those around you and those you love. Do it, please. Things are improving. But continue to wear a mask. Continue to wash your hands. Continue to keep your distance. Be careful. Be cautious. Don’t be afraid. #covidvaccination #theoutdoornotebook #outdoors