The time to make camping plans is now

I enjoy camping and hopefully you do, too. But if you’re anything like me, you prefer to keep camping travel plans flexible. That probably needs to change for the upcoming camping season, which promises to be a busy one. COVID-19 fatigue is real and people are ready to get out and on the move. Campground managers from South Dakota to Minnesota by way of California and Tennessee all offer the same advice: reserve your camping spot.
I write about it in USA Today. Thanks for reading.

Wolf Moon

Pictured is tonight’s full moon, seen just after moonrise from highway 299. It’s the first full moon of the year and is traditionally known as the Wolf Moon. It has other names, including the Center Moon, Severe Moon, Hard Moon and – my favorite – the Cold Moon. The next full moon will be February 27.

Road Trip: Day 1

BOONVILLE, Mo. – After traveling 300 miles through a cold rain I arrived at dusk to find this Missouri River town dusted in snow. Pretty.

In early June, 1803, the Corps of Discovery passed near here. Sergeant Patric Gass received a report from a pair of the company’s hunters, who had been traveling by horseback, that the country was “the best they’d ever seen” It still fits today. The photo is near Portland, Mo.

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