Christmas Notes: Checking the Depth with Aunt Liz

Aunt Liz would have turned 85 on Christmas Eve. She was born during the waning months of the Calvin Coolidge administration on what was likely a cold winter day in the flatlands of Missouri not far from the Mississippi River. She lived to see the White House change occupants 13 times but never strayed farContinue reading “Christmas Notes: Checking the Depth with Aunt Liz”

Christmas Notes: The Importance of Shepherds

You’re just doing your job, unseen, unheard and generally ignored by society at large. You are, after all, near the bottom of the social ladder, basically doing the grunt work; and working the night shift, no less. Then of all the people on the planet, God drops the news on you, scaring you witless. ButContinue reading “Christmas Notes: The Importance of Shepherds”