Arkansas Notes: A Smartly Dressed Fisherman

My route to Gaston’s White River Resort took me through Mammoth Spring, Ark., headwaters of the aptly named Spring River. I stopped along the river and  made a few casts. The day was fairly warm and brightly sunny and my main purpose was simply to enjoy the river, any fish caught would be a bonus.Continue reading “Arkansas Notes: A Smartly Dressed Fisherman”

Flirting with Cabela’s

Late summer, 1990. Cabela’s, the “World’s Foremost Outfitter,” was advertising for a catalog copywriter. Relocation required to Sidney, Neb. I had some copywriting experience from stringing for Bass Pro Shops. I talked it over with my wife, who was five month pregnant with our twins. Wonderfully supportive as always, Katy had only one question: “Does itContinue reading “Flirting with Cabela’s”